May is National Barbecue Month! It’s time to uncover those grills and knock off the cobwebs (or whatever other critters might have taken shelter over the long and cold winter months…) gather some friends, and head to the backyard for some outdoor eating!

The obvious, “All American”, contenders for the any favored dinner are hamburgers and hot dogs. They are super quick and really easy! Perfect for weeknights after a long day of work when you don’t feel like putting much thought into feeding your family. Maybe your philosophy is “any meat is good eats”? Chicken skewers, steaks, pork ribs, fish and seafood- they all take their respective turns on your outdoor menu. Do you grill your side dishes? Or are you satisfied with the staples: corn on the cob, watermelon, potato chips?

We’ve been looking around the internet for some new recipes that might help strike up a delighted conversation at your next pot luck. Grilled Potato Salad (hold the mayo, but NOT the bacon!), Barbecue Baked Beans, Grilled Stone Fruit Salad, or learn how to use your bbq to bake bread! Why cook anything inside when it gets so hot? And you don’t have to make any sacrifices for quality or flavor, just because you refuse to turn on the oven.

Ok, now all I want to do is bbq. I have my shopping list ready to go (I was jotting ingredients as I perused these recipes…) We hope you have a happy, fun, and SAFE grilling season!