Hidden Blessings

My sister had twins in October. Twins! One boy and one girl- not quite what she was expecting at the age of 30, but “why not get it all out of the way at once?” became her response to those who asked her how she felt about her upcoming life change.


Life is funny like that. We don’t always get to pick and choose the tiny (or major!) details… When I was pregnant, I decided not to find out the sex of the baby until I held him in my arms. People thought I was nuts! But it wasn’t as though knowing that he was a boy could have prepared me for who he is today and all the things we have gone through along the way anyway. I would be lost without my “village” of friends and family who tag team with me on a daily basis; and I just have one kiddo.


I feel blessed to be able to return the favor when I take the twins while my sister works. It’s an amazing thing what just being available to others can grant us in life. Helping others grows our families and communities closer together.  I like to think my life is fuller when I offer my capabilites to those who have a need for them.


But what about my friends and family members across the state- or accross the country, who I can’t be there for as readily as I would like? My favorite thing has always been to send a gift basket, filled with little necessities and dispalyed in a fun theme, to those I won’t get see in person. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets has an awesome selection of gifts for girls and boys- and even nuetral gifts for women like me, who embrace the surprise aspect. Search through our different Baby Gift Categories to find that perfect gift today!