There are so many ways to celebrate funny (and sometimes weird) holidays every single day of the year! Now, they don’t always warrant a gift basket per say, but maybe you can give a friend a houseplant so that on July 27, they can participate in Take Your Housplant for a Walk Day (which coincidentally coinsides with Take Your Pants on a Walk Day…). Holidays range from celebrating foods (watermelon, bacon, ice cream, cheese, waffles, salami, kale, cherry pie, pretzles- are you hungry yet?!), to recognizing friends, siblinging, parents and grandparents, and to encouraging opposites, left-handers, bikinis and buttons.










We have a few off-the-wall “Holidays” in mind that would be the perfect occasion for the gift of one of our fine baskets:




August 27th: Just Because Day- Because giving someone a giftsho uld not be an obligation or an expectation tied to major events and milestones. We have a huge variety of Gifts Under $50 that will suit anyone’s taste!






September 17th: Citizenship Day- Whether you are celebrating a lifelong patriotism or a newly earned citizenship, our America the Beautiful Gift Basket will add to the occasion.






October 4th: National Golf Day: Is the Fall weather bringing your Golfer down? Liven them up with one of our Golf Lover’s Gift Baskets! These fun, thoughtful baskets are filled with snacks they can enjoy either on their next trip out- or just staying at home watching the Golf Channel…






November 23rd: National Espresso Day- CAFFEINE! That necessity in life across the board- young and old. For some, it’s the reason we get out of bed every morning. For other’s, it’s a lifeline in the middle of hecticd ay that shows no end in sight. Of course we have MANY espresso/coffee gifts to choose from- for any budget, for every personality!






December 16th: Chocolate Covered Anything Day- Chocolate coated, chocolate dipped, chocolate filled, chocolate dusted… We have you CHOCOLATE COVERED! Our chocolate inspired gifts will leave no recipient unsatisfied!






January 8th: Bubble Bath Day- A spa gift is encouragement to spend some realxation time with one’s self. We have multiple scents to choose from: Warm Vanilla, Peony, Sweet Pea, Lavender, Green Tea, Jasmine, Ocean, Citrus, Honey, Rose, and Chocolate. With different sizes and styles to choose from, you can send a Spa Gift Basket that fits their taste and your budget!






February 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day- Bringing smile to other’s faces unexpectedly is the name of this game! Check out our Clearance Page for a random gift today!






March; Third Tuesday: Tea for Two Day- Pair up with your favorite tea lover for this delightful day- or if you are unable to get to them, send one our Tea Themed Baskets and encourage them to have a cup with a neighbor or friend.






April 12th: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day- What goes better with grilled cheese sammies than a nice hot bowl of soup? Check out our Soup du Jour Gift Basket for such an occasion. A perfect gift for a college student!






May 28th: National Hamburger Day- Memorial Day Weekend and the official start of SUMMER! We have a few BBQ baskets that make excellent hostess gifts, Father’s Day Presents, or even a Weddinggi ft for that couple who has everything…






June 18th: National Go Fishing Day- It’s that time of year! (Finally!) We have seafood baskets and fishing/boat themed gifts great for every type of fisherman.






July 11th: Cheer Up the Lonely DayBeing lonely is the pits. While a gift won’t cure lonliness, it will remind your receipient that you are there- you care! They are not alone. Take a look out our Gifts with Sweets and Treats– sure to please every taste!