We live in a world of imperfection.  Life gets demanding, and regardless of how well we try to organize and plan our lives, we must face that reality.
Living everyday life is like driving a country road in the Pacific Northwest. There are hills, valleys, bumps, and turns regardless of the direction you choose. 
On a sunny day you can see the majestic Mount Rainier to the south and snow-capped peak of Mount Baker to the north, but on a rainy day, you can hardly see above the trees.
I was thinking of the story of a friend of mine who was looking after their grandchildren. The three-year-old grandson locked his younger cousin in the bathroom accidentally or maybe not!
Low and behold you would think a simple bobby pin penetrating a pinhole on the doorknob would pop the lock and all would be fine.
That would be too simple. Instead, this bathroom lock which was almost 20 years old required a unique tool that no one knew existed or had in their possession.
After 25 minutes of frustration, panic began to set in from the other side of the door. The little granddaughter locked in the bathroom started to have anxiety and show signs of irritation and panic.
My friend’s daughter and husband (grampa) tried everything possible to open the bathroom door, but nothing worked. There were only two options. Bust down the door which was even more frightening to the little girl or drill through the door and reach their hand through the opening and unlock the door.
So with precision, multiple holes were drilled into a perfectly good door creating one heck of a mess and a repair bill that was unnecessary under perfect circumstances. 
Unfortunately, life is not perfect. Murphy’s law kicked into play, and something extreme had to take place to resolve the situation.
Once the little princess was set free, the grampa was hungry and walked to the fridge and opened the door. A three-gallon pot of homemade soup fell out of the refrigerator onto the kitchen floor and splashed all over him.
You couldn’t create this scenario in the most creative part of your mind, yet it happened exactly the way I am telling this story.
His daughter calmly walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and said, Dad, you are amazing! I appreciate you so much, and I plan to buy you a new door!
Showing appreciation to others is never outdated. It will never go out of style. It will never wear out. When you think about it, showing appreciation is a universal language used in every culture around the world. 
Simple acts of kindness, well-spoken words, and little gifts to say thank you can go a long way to make life more manageable. Visit our blog for more great stories and articles on showing the art of appreciation in everyday life. 
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