There are many reasons someone can feel heartbreak, a bad break-up, a divorce, or the loss of a close friend, family member or beloved pet. Heartbreak and grief effects everyone differently some people are instantly sad while others may take the shock over time. No matter how you feel during a time when you loose someone close to you in whatever form that is, it can be hard to cope with everyday life.

You can remember the 5 W’s as recommendations to help heal a broken heart.


Be kind to yourself and let yourself have a few days to rest. Your emotions can cause your body physical stress and sometimes a few days of rest, relaxation and sleep can help heal. You may have trouble sleeping also or find your sleep patterns become erratic and unpredictable. Try to do something calming before bed like reading a book with a cup of tea so you can relax yourself into sleep. When you create a regular sleep pattern of sleeping with the stars and waking with the sunshine you’ll slowly begin to feel better.

Get out and take a walk everyday! This is important as it will release tensions and help clear your head and heart to keep you inĀ  better mindset. When you take a walk outside be sure to listen to the birds, feel the fresh air and look at the beauty of the tress, sky and nature. A daily walk where you purposefully take time to be in nature can do wonders for your body and mind.

Being emotionally stress can cause physical stress on our bodies so it is good for our bodies to get enough water. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day and take slow deep breathes to help you stay calm and relaxed. By drinking enough water and getting enough oxygen into your body you can help yourself stay in better physical condition which tends to help us deal better with heartache.

It’s ok to cry and many times crying can be healing. You don’t have to let others see you cry but even if they do it is ok. We are all human and sometimes allowing others to help us through a tough time is good for everyone because it reminds us of our connection to each other. You also may not be able to cry at all and that’s not a bad thing either. Again everyone reacts to heartbreak in different ways, the most important thing is that you give yourself room to allow for the freedom of expressing the emotions of loss so you can begin to heal.

Don’t loose sight of hope, by being grateful for small things this will help you stay wishful. If you can think of 3 things everyday that you are grateful about it is a way to tell yourself things are ok now and i can trust they will be better soon. No matter how small the gratefulness is just try to practice this daily. Some things may feel like such a small thing to be grateful for such as being able to taste and afford a cup or coffee or having a warm blanket and pillow at night. Try to focus on the good so you can start building trust more good will come.

We all feel heartbreak at sometime in our lives and having others to cheer us is very comforting. If you know of someone who is in need of cheering we have many gift baskets that are great to send anyone going through a heartbreak or even just to cheer yourself up. Just remember to be kind to yourself if your going through heartbreak and show love to others when they are experiencing hurt.