Mother’s Day

My laundry was always folded. Lunches were always packed. Dinner was always made with

love…it wasn’t always homemade…but it was delicious none the less. She was real. She was honest.

She supported me & dried my tears when I had them. She told me when I was wrong, or wasn’t being kind enough. I was put in my place when I needed to be. I was never left wanting, but was never spoiled. She laughed with me and taught me to laugh at myself. She encouraged close friendships and meaningful relationships with family. She taught me how to love. Her laugh is contagious, her smile is comforting and her hugs are the best. Her name is MOM.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching… Sunday May 8th 2016 …to be exact. It seems like everyone that I’ve spoken to, struggles with what to get the special woman in their life! “She has everything!”, “I can’t find anything that’s personal enough!”, “I want to get her something that’s useful!”, “She lives far away, and I’m tired of sending her flowers!”. These are just a few of the problems and conundrums that people come up with, when trying to send a gift to their mom. I get it. It makes sense…BUT…there is a solution. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets has a gift basket for every personality type! We can create, decorate, personalize and ship a basket straight to your Mom! We are affordable, too!

Give Mom something that she can keep, USE, ENJOY and will encourage her to take some time for herself!

Don’t miss out on a chance to get the kiddos involved either! It’s no secret, Mom’s LOVE

handmade gifts and keepsakes. Have the little ones in your family create something that can

accompany your gift basket, and it surely bring a smile to mom’s face! Below, are some ideas!