Parents Day

It’s celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July each year. Everyone from regular citizens to government agencies are encouraged to show their appreciation. This event is schedule to show appreciation for all the parents out there. Communities come together to arrange parties and activities to show support and love.

This is an event that is observed nationally, but it’s not a public holiday in any way.


Bill Clinton is the one who signed this into ordinance back in 1994. He felt it was important enough to merit a celebration, sort of along the lines of Mother’s and Father’s Day.

“Our parents play an important part in our lives. They do a lot for us, even giving up some thing, just so that we can have a better life. Without our parents, we would be nothing. It’s all about the unconditional love parents bestow.”

Flowers are often the symbolic gesture for this day. They are used in paintings, sketches and other posters used to promote the day. It’s all about a core family value. It doesn’t matter if the child is biological or not, this day celebrates the unconditional love that most parents exhibit.