Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to get together with family and friends over feasting and enjoying good times and good food.

This is most of all a time to be thankful for all that we have even the small things. It is a great time to gather together and remember all the gratitude we share with one another and in our lives. When you celebrate Thanksgiving this year be sure as you pass around the Turkey and cheer at the Thanksgiving Day parades and games that you don’t forget the small things in life that you can be grateful for every day. For some of us we may only be have the small things in life to be thankful for and that is ok also.

No matter if you can be thankful for a warm cup of coffee or a blanket to wrap around you when your chilly, or maybe you have abundance you are able to share with others. You can be thankful for so many things once you think about all the small things that add up during the days and weeks. Life is full of wonderful gifts that we tend to overlook unless we remember to be thankful and grateful for all this world has to offer and for all we have no matter how big or small we think it is.

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