My cousin is getting married in September and I have the honor of making 100 cupcakes and the “smash” cake- (that’s really the best part of that tradition right? Waiting to see how good the bride and groom are going to get each other in the face with all that frosting?) I love helping a bride prepare for their special day. I have made many cakes, bouquets and boutineers, center pieces and favors over the years. Whether it’s a small wedding on a budget or a glamorous party on a grand scale, I make sure everything is in it’s place down to the last detail! (At my sister’s wedding, I was running around with the caterers instead of sitting and eating with my family! I am sort of a control freak- but we will save that story for another day…)

I know brides who love being a part of every minute plan and see to it that everything is placed exactly where they dreamed it would be since they were 9 years old. I have also known the frustrations of a bride who could care less about the formalities and traditions of the occasion and just wanted to get it over with and be married already! My current cousin/bride is somewhere in between: she has a beautiful vision, but she is not held fast to it. I think that is extremely important when you plan an outdoor wedding in western Washington… Here is to no rain!

As for gifts, I am not a fan of buying from the registry. “Oh! Thank you so much for the dish towels and blender!” Ugh… Many of my friends have established homes well before marriage and have no need or want for more “stuff” in their cupboards. Some of my friends are remarrying and are keeping their events smaller and more intimate- gifts are mostly an afterthought and 100% left to the buyer’s choice.

The awesome thing about giving a gift basket is all the components can be used- either right away, or they can be saved for a special occasion. When the gift is consumed, the basket or gift box is now reusable in any room of the house to hold everything you can imagine- I should know, after working at a gift basket company for 6 years, I have collected so many! In my bathroom, they hold wash cloths and toilet paper, in my kitchen, they hold fruit and lunch snacks, and in my son’s room they hold shoes and toys!

We offer spa gifts– with or without edible treats, chocolate and snacking gifts, wedding themed gifts, and even pasta and soup baskets. Send a gift of appreciation, love, and blessings without giving the bride and groom a reason to worry where they will fit that 2nd waffle maker (but it’s Star Wars Themed!)