Weddings, I love weddings: the family time, the food, the memories, the beautiful union, the gorgeous flowers and decorations, the personality of the bride & groom shining through their venue and ceremony, the dancing, the photos…everything!

Of course, with all the glitz and glam, comes the stress of planning a huge event and hoping that it goes well. As a guest at a wedding, you have a lot to plan for and remember! If you’re traveling, you have to set up accommodations, travel to the ceremony, pack accordingly, take time off of work, find a babysitter (or pet sitter)…and don’t forget a gift!

Many couples have a registry, and that CAN make buying a gift easier, but it can also be difficult if you have a set price range, or if you’re not close to any of the stores that they’re registered at! Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets can take all of the stress and worry out of buying, packaging and shipping a gift for the new couple!

With our wide variety of gift baskets, you can choose something for the bride and groom that will stand out and that they will enjoy! The gift could be for their new home, for a special date night, to encourage some quality time together when life gets crazy, or even…a gift for their honeymoon! A snack basket, movie night basket, or relaxation-theme basket would be perfect for the Mr & Mrs to enjoy while they’re having some R&R after their big day! We have so many baskets, in all different price ranges, that you’ll surely be able to find something that will be perfect for the new couple!